Friday, July 27, 2012

Happy Garden full of Happy Plants...........NOT

So, one day this farmer decided to plant a garden.
He tilled the ground. 
He planted the seeds.
He tenderly watered and weeded his plants.
The farmer was happy.
And so were the plants.

The farmer was anxiously awaiting the day when the corn would be big enough to eat.
Each day he would carefully walk between the rows.  He would tenderly feel the cobs to see how big they were getting.
His joy was almost complete.
"Just two more days", he said.  "And we will have fresh corn on the cob!" He could almost taste it.

But, in the night a naughty raccoon spied this farmers wonderful garden.  He did not think about the farmer.  He only thought of himself.  He did not think about how sad the farmer would be when he saw his garden in the morning.  He could only smell the goodness and helped himself to the tasty corn cobs.

The next morning the farmer cried real tears when he walked through his garden.  He didn't understand why someone would want to destroy his beautiful plants.  But the empty cobs, who were once filled with plump yellow kernels, lay on the ground, emptied of their fruit. 

The garden lays still.  The farmer is sad.
The raccoon is full..........

And I hope he is sick somewhere!

Did you know that on a hot summer day you can actually hear the corn grow..... 
This happy garden is no longer happy, I can hear it crying.

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