Thursday, May 31, 2012

Spring has Sprung Away

So......Spring has definitely Sprung and gone completely away.  Wow, how time flies - where does it go?

I was not taken with the Chevron thingy when everyone else was.  I am still not that attached to it.  But, when I saw these pillows....I had to make one....or a dozen.  (I can never do just one!)

I just LOVE it.  It is so frilly and soft at the same time.  This chevron fabric is a heavy canvasy type.  I thought it would be too stiff and rough for a pillow.  But look how great it turned out!

This one is done a little different with a different fabric.  This is a softer cotton fabric.  It also has yellow peeking through, instead of blue.

 I am also taken with the flower embellishments.  I can't get enough of them.  I am making flowers right and left.  This close up shows how really adorable they are.
Can a pillow have too many flowers?????

This pillow is 5 layers of the softest flannel I could find.  Did you know there are different grades of flannel?  (Just one touch and you will know the difference.)

I was looking for a Red, White and Blue feel here.  And I not feeling much of the blue.  It has gotten lost in all the red chenille layers.  But it is there.......  I am not even sure if the blue touches on the flowers brings it out enough.  But when you are snuggled in it's soft layers, who is to know?

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