Monday, June 4, 2012

Bring on my favorite holiday!!

Favorite Holiday - the 4th!  Are you surprised?  I even bore one of my children on the 4th, just to celebrate.

I made this bag about a year ago.  I LOVED it so much.  I tried using other bags but I kept coming back.  It just felt soooo good and it held everything I needed.   A perfect balance of stars and stripes and color.  And the rope tie makes this bag.

You have to have a bag.  Everyone needs a bag.  I would much rather just stick my money in my pocket and have my hands free.  But I like to carry too much stuff.  I mean, what if I break a nail and need a file.  Or, what if I need to write something down.  There are so many things I just might need.  It is nice to have it all there just over my shoulder.

But sometimes I have a different need.  I don't want to take my whole house with me.  I just need a few things.  

So, when I saw this pattern, I knew I was in love again.  It has a body cross strap so I am hands free.   My phone, my wallet, my keys.....and maybe a nail file.....

Once again, it is perfect.............

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