Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ruffles Tutorial - Fast and Easy !!

I love to ruffle but it was always such a pain.  There are so many ways to ruffle but I really didn't like any of them.  There are ruffling attachments you can get for your machine but I didn't want the expense.

So....when I stumbled across this way of ruffling......let me just say, "It was a life changer for me!"
This is high on my list of "Things I could not do without!" or "Why didn't someone tell me this before?"

So, here you are - and now you can't say that no one ever told you..........

Start with a length of fabric that you want to ruffle.

Set your machine tension to the highest number.

Set your stitch length to the longest stitch.

Put it in your machine and sew down the edge, or the middle or wherever you want that ruffle.

Your fabric will curl up and send chills up your spine.

If it doesn't ruffle enough for you, then hold the tension a little tighter with your fingers where the thread feeds in.  Don't hold too tight or the thread will break.

This piece was ruffled while I was holding the tension with my fingers.  See how tight it is.  It almost curls up around the needle.  I had to keep moving it out of the way.

And that is ok, if that is what you are looking for.

This piece was ruffled with no added finger tension.  I like it just fine.  It makes it a pretty good 2 to 1 ratio.  I can pin it to my piece and not have to pull one gathering thread!

This technique works great for light to medium weight fabrics.  You can even fold it over and sew it double and it still works.  It does not work with heavy duty fabrics like denim.  You will have to go back to the old methods for that.  Darn!

Now, grab some fabric and give it a whirl.  

You're gonna thank me for this one........It's a life changer..........

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