Friday, December 21, 2012

Pillow Cases for Sandy Hook

The country has been devastated by the scene we witnessed at Sandy Hook Elementary just one week ago today.
The blood.  The horor.  The thought of what everyone went through.  
Those that died were not the only victims.
We cannot imagine how the experience has changed their lives forever.
All we can do is watch and hope and pray for them.

A quilt shop in the Connecticut area put out a call for pillow cases for the surviving victims - to let them know that we know they are there and we are praying for them.

This was my small contribution.  Very small.  I sewed 25 pillow cases.  Such a tiny gesture.  But I hope they know that we are thinking of them.
Collectively, the group of ladies in my town sewed over 900 pillowcases and sent them to Sandy Hook.

My heart goes out to all of their little our nation as a anyone who was touched by the horrible events.

May we strive to be better people, a more loving people, than we were before.

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