Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Special Christmas Poem

I realize that Christmas is long since passed.  But I was taking down my decorations, and....   Well, this poem hangs on my wall and I think it is worth passing on.  I found it printed on a placemat in a restaurant in 1971.  It has stuck with me all these years.  Yes, it will make you think..........

When all the world is silent
On this holiest of nights

In a million beds
The small ones dream
Of Christmasy delights

But some awaken sadly
Their tiny hearts are numb
When they realize
Through tear-filled eyes
That Santa didn't come

A bit of cold and hunger
Are things they understand
But a Christmas without toys
To hold in heart and hand

Means that someone has forgotten
That someone didn't care
That someone failed to listen
To a very special prayer
And oh, it's so very hard
To tell a disappointed tot
Just why she had to be the one
That Santa Clause forgot........
                    - author unknown

Merry Christmas to you all in all the years to come........

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