Monday, June 25, 2012

Cold hands and freezing fingers......not on my watch!

My little ones love Otter Pops on these hot summer days.  But their little hands get so cold.  Little Stella, who is 2 and a real thinker, got a wash rag and wrapped hers up so her hands wouldn't freeze.  Her dad, my son, Rhett, came up with this Otter Sock!  What a great idea!

No more cold hands.  No more sticky fingers.  (I really hate sticky.  So, it suits me fine.)

We are all happy!
(Now, if we could just get them to pick up all those pesky wrappers)

It is made from plastic coated cotton fabric and insulated with hot pad batting.  No cold is coming through!  Just wipe them clean and have another cold one.

You can find them here -

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